Pool Covers

The PVC pool cover with supporting beams is a top grade quality pool cover and has a durable lifespan. This swimming pool safety cover can reduce evaporation up to 95%. This pool cover also helps to retain heat. The benefits include that the pool cover keeps leaves and debris out of the pool, reduction of chemical use, and helps to save costs as less pool maintenance is required and there is no need to top up the pool regularly with municipality water, due to the evaporation reduction. The cover has drainage holes so rain water does not accumulate on top of the cover.

MATERIAL Heavy Duty PVC – UV stabilized
FITTING Included in price
INSTALLATION Includes consists of aluminium poles (38mm with 2-3mm wall) spaced about every meter over the width of the pool. Pockets are welded onto the bottom of the cover to hold the poles.

Depending on the width of pool ratchets are fitted to apply tension on the cover. Includes installation, aluminium poles, ratchets and webbing and end caps on poles. Includes drain hole eyelids for rain water to drain.

COLORS AVAILABLE Solid PVC – Blue, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Breathable PVC – Blue, Grey. Color samples can be shown to the client if an onsite inspection is required for the client to choose.
WARRANTY 2 Year warranty against material defect
SAFETY Takes a weight of 100 kg’s, designed to protect children and pets from drowning through accidental falls into the pool. Please note that this cover is not a trampoline.
PETS Pet Safe provided the cover and ratchets are secured properly and maintained properly.

Geo Bubble Pool Cover


Material Thickness From 400 to 500 micron
Material Special Blend LDPE
Color Light Blue As in pic
Stabilization UV Stabilized
Fitting Prices exclude fitting Delivery can be extra depending on area
Lead Time 5 – 10 days


There are several benefits in choosing the bubble cover. Besides the benefit of decreasing evaporation substantially, the bubble cover also absorbs the warmth of the sun during the day and helps keep this warmth during the cooler temperatures at night, which may result in an increase of water temperature by a few degrees. This is not a safety device.

T&C’s may apply